A Quiet Night At Home

We’ve been at Three Flags near Wildwood, FL for a week now. Tomorrow is moving day with a hectic detour through Ocala so we’re just hanging out before turning in earlier than usual.

Three Flags has been very nice. People are friendly and enjoy the kids. We are near a cow pasture so occaisionally you will hear subtle mooing. The weather was perfect this week so there were few bugs.

The drawbacks include no free wifi, not even in the clubhouse, and its location is pretty remote. No services to bike to ― a car would be helpful. We did have friends here who offered to take us to Walmart once to pick up a few things, which worked out great.

It’s a great place for some quiet downtime.

Tonight, I spent some time reading while Designerd was working on a new app design. Mr. T was in a baking mood, whipping up batches of macaroons and no-bake peanut butter cookies. Mr. S was learning Unity and Divagirl was reading. Just a quiet night at home.

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