Adventures on the Gorge

Time to catch up on blog posts! We have a bunch headed your way, and we’ll begin with our adventures in West Virginia :)

While staying in West Virginia, we had 3 days packed with fun at Adventures on the Gorge in Fayetteville, WV. Heather’s best childhood friend, Keri, is an Adventures on the Gorge guide, and she planned some awesome trips for us while we were visiting.

The first day Heather and the kids spent a few hours traversing the TimberTrek Aerial Adventure Park, which was a self-guided obstacle course set within a forest canopy. Divagirl was old enough to go on her own, although in the beginning she had a little trouble working the self-releasing clips by herself. But after running through the course twice with Heather and twice by herself—4 times!—she was able to manage everything on her own :)

The boys started out slowly, thinking the yellow level (which starts about 10 feet off the ground) was going to be too easy, but it proved to be a nice challenge. They loved it though, and progressed through two greens up to the blue, which is a challenging level right before the black diamond levels, which are about 50 feet off the ground, and super challenging.

Meanwhile, I partook in the Gravity ziplining…about 8,850 feet in total! There were six zip lines, starting off small and slow and gradually growing in distance and speed:

  • ~500 feet @ 20 mph
  • ~450 feet @ 20 mph
  • ~1800 feet @ 40 mph
  • ~1600 feet @ 30 mph
  • ~1400 feet @ 30 mph
  • ~3100 feet @ 60 mph

It was a gorgeous day, and the groups I was with was great…a mix of young and old, and very adventurous. A bunch of photos were taken by one of the guides, but I haven’t received any of them yet – once I do, I’ll post them here.

At the end of the day, I had my adrenaline rush, which was second only to my skydiving adventure :)


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Hi Heather, Jason, and family – Mom forwarded your blog to me. Very cool. I’ll be ziplining/horseback riding in WV in Oct but at a different place. I’ll check this place out for a later time. When did you go skydiving??? I’d love to hear about it. I talked to Dan recently about doing it with me. Hope everyone is well. Love, Sherry

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