Anastasia State Park

My faith in the FL state park system has been restored. Anastasia State Park is gorgeous and wooded with squirrels and spanish moss hanging from the trees. And that’s just the campground. There’s a beach…a glorious, sugary, amazing stretch of semi-private wonderfulness with shells and sand dunes.

This is, hands down, the best beach we’ve been to so far.

Oh, and no bugs :)

Regardless of us leaving Wauchula yesterday at 8am, we still didn’t get to our site until 7:30pm. This is beginning to look like a pattern. But we made an important, impromptu stop off at my parents’ house to pick up mail and packages and fix a minor leak under the kitchen sink. That put us behind schedule and since we were already behind schedule we stopped at a Subway to eat dinner.

The site we are in is huge! You could easily fit a 45′ RV and 2 tents. Whether that’s allowed isn’t my problem since Edelweiss is a modest 31′. Its shady and peaceful and a few minute bike ride to the beach. Mr. S has plenty of room to fly his new quadcopter that he bought with his Christmas money. The children’s playground has only a few swings, but honestly, the beach is a much better playground.

Today was mostly a free day from formal school lessons, however each of the boys had an assignment from yesterday to finish before they were truly released. We did sneak in an art project at the beach using found objects.

We limited our playtime to 2 hours so we wouldn’t be fried to a crisp by the golden southern sun. We are still deciding if we want to bike into St. Augustine or not. They have a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. Of course, our kids have no idea what we’re talking about. There are so many things to do around here but right now a nap seems like the best option right now.

Too much sun perhaps?

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