Arley, AL

Welcome to Middle-of-Somewhere Alabama!

I’ll be honest, I was ready to throw in the towel about an hour away from our destination. The first thing we realized is that if our GPS indicates it’s going to be a 5 hour trip, it will most definitely take 7. The second thing we learned, is that if we wait just one more exit, or rest area, or gas station…there will not be another one for at least 150 miles, ha!

We drove through some very remote parts of Mississippi and Alabama, and ended up at Hidden Cove RV Resort, which is part of the Thousand Trails system. A minor reason that we picked this destination was that it sits about halfway between Vicksburg, Mississippi and Atlanta, Georgia, our next destination.

Hidden Cove is a beautiful park and the management was super southern-friendly, so I suppose it was worth the drive. it most definitely is called Hidden Cove for a reason, as it’s way off the beaten path, but opens up into a beautiful and well-cared for park. There’s a cute little waterfall, boat launch and a really large children’s playground. Video rentals, for which there is a small selection, are on the honor system.

The kids were able to explore unaccompanied and Divagirl made some new friends.

We did have another little mishap on the way up. A lovely large rock chipped our driver-side windshield and less than 5 minutes later, a bump in the road caused it to splinter about 8 inches. Ugh. And, as luck would have it, we don’t have glass coverage. I called around Birmingham, which would have been the next big city to possibly have a repair shop, but it turns out not very many glass places will replace motorhome glass (or they’ll do it for an exorbitant price).  They sweetly told me to take it to the dealer…um, thanks, the dealer went out of business in 2001 :)

We’ll have to keep looking.

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The pictures are such a treat–I had no idea Diva Girl had grown so tall and pretty and you all are very photogenic! Since I’m coming in late on this adventure, I don’t have a good mental picture of what your motorhome looks like–remember some early shots of David helping to do some remodeling in a vehicle–(Just found TAG cloud–will experiment) Thanks again for all you do! Martha P

Folks, sorry to hear about the windshield. Before we hit the road, vandals tried to shoot out one side of our windshield and we didn’t have coverage either. The bill to replace was probably similar to what yours in around $700. As much as we didn’t want to pay for the coverage, it’s now something I’m grateful for. Hope the repair comes fast and that the leaks are taken care of as well.

Hey Charley,

We’ve defeated the leaks! It turns out the A/C unit needed a new seal, and everything is good to go now. And I reworked the pipes under the sink, and that leak also appears to be under control now, woohoo!

As for the windshield, I’m hoping to have it taken care of next week. I finally found a distributor that doesn’t charge obscene prices ($180 for each side) and an installer with fair rates also. It’s crazy how quotes are all over the place – from $480 to $2150! When you tell them it’s an RV, that’s code for “triple the price!” – but I think it’ll work out to be reasonable.


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