Back at Orlando Thousand Trails

Still chilling out in Florida, spending the week at the Orlando Thousand Trails in Clermont, waiting for the weather to stop being so fickle so we can start heading north. We had planned on going up to Atlanta before Easter, but it may have to wait until after Easter. On second thought, that may be Spring Break week so we may want rethink that…stay tuned.

The velociraptors are still here, only now they have a little fluffy addition (with really long legs). I had to stalk them to get a good picture, but they didn’t seem to mind. Meanwhile, we were able to meet up again with Mr. S’s friend, Matt, and they’ve been happy hunting pals hanging out daily. I’ve been a little lenient with him regarding his schoolwork when he has a friend around because for him at least, hanging out with a friend is just as important as school. I love it when they are together because his friend is very outgoing and therefore Mr. S winds up talking to more people outside his comfort zone. For example, today they played Foosball with an older couple.

We were introduced to an online math game for middle schoolers called Lure of the Labyrinth. Mr. S loves it! For me, the non-gaming muggle I am, its very difficult to figure out what to do as it relies on logic to figure out how to get to the puzzles. Prompts would be nice for me, but the game seems to take the trial and error approach. The puzzles are cool, though, once you find them.

We haven’t found a suitable TOAD yet, so we decided to bring our car along with us for a while after leaving my parents’ house. It is a ’96 Toyota Camry and cannot be towed four down and we really are trying to avoid having to deal with a tow dolly, so I’ve been driving behind. Double gas and miles, but it has proved to be a lifesaver!

Last night Jason’s laptop charger died in the middle of a huge project!

Without the car, we would’ve had to unhook everything and drive the 40 miles in rush hour traffic to the nearest Apple store and find mall parking for a motorhome. Instead we were able to just jump in the car and maneuver crazy Orlando traffic much easier, get the new power adapter and save the day! We love our bikes, but sometimes a car can be oh so convenient.

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