Bahia Honda

We got a bit of a late start and underestimated our travel time which took us from Sebring, FL to Bahia (pronounced BAY-uh) Honda State Park in about 7 hours. Ugh, I had planned for 4. At least I did think to call ahead since arriving late at our last state park (ranger station closes at 5pm) and the ranger was so friendly and helpful and gave us the key code and directions to find our site. Our only little snafu was that we have 20′ of cable and 20′ of hose, but the electrical hookup was in the far back of the site and the water hookup was at the far front of the site. They both wouldn’t reach so we chose power over water.

A/C wins every time :)

Meanwhile, the boys tried some fishing. In the dark. With bread scraps for bait. Not so successful but they did find lots of sea urchins and chitons.

Even though we arrived after dark we did get to see the beautiful sunset on the drive over. Can’t wait to see what the morning light brings.

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