Ballet on the Road

Divagirl loves to dance.

She misses her ballet teacher and classmates from CA. She’s also grown about 6″ since the summer, but I’ll get back to that.

Initially I enrolled her in ballet to gain body awareness because she stumbled often. After roughly three weeks she no longer stumbled. As an added benefit she discovered her love of dance.

Its not the easiest to find cooperative ballet studios in new towns. Sometimes they don’t allow drop-ins; others make you pay yearly enrollment fees; or they won’t accept new students mid-term; then try to coordinate schedules and locations within biking distance. Needless to say, she hasn’t taken a class since June.

Back to the fact that she’s growing…she’s started stumbling again. As well as shuffling and slumping. It’s like she can’t figure out what to do with her body.

Time to go back to ballet.

I found a studio across from the rink (about 4 miles from where we are staying) and gave them a call. They were super easy to work with and waived the yearly membership fee since I only signed her up for one month, twice a week. I did have to buy her new shoes (and tights) because not only has she outgrown her old stuff, I left them at her old studio for whoever may forget their slippers. Another item to consider are the dress codes for each level. For a general purpose leotard, black is probably the safest choice, but its not unheard of that you’d have to buy a new color for a particular studio’s level. At the new studio, the current leotards for Beginner Ballet I are lilac, but they are transitioning to black. She already had a white leo passed down to her from her new friends. They were fine with her wearing white with pink tights and pink canvas shoes.

The teacher was fantastic! An astonishing amount of learning took place in that hour. Most importantly Divagirl loved every minute of it. She woke up this morning with a tummyache and she was more upset that she might miss ballet than her aching tummy (she felt much better after breakfast).

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