Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday Kelvey!

She really rocked it with a whole weekend celebration. We were also celebrating her passing the board exam, so she won’t have to study for tests again for another 10 years. Yay!

We’ve been staying on their farm. They raise chickens and pigs and Belted Galloway cows, all for food. We’ve been eating really well :)

The rain, however, didn’t really let up. Everyday we have had some serious thunderstorms. I just hope that when its time to leave it will dry up a smidge so we don’t get stuck in the mud.

Her birthday was technically the 5th and since I wanted to go skating at a local rink, she thought that’d be a fantastic birthday activity and shuttled everyone to the rink to skate. It was a lot of fun, even if it was a bit crowded for a summer public session.

Saturday we took the kids to a drop in gymnastics session to give the grown-ups a chance to get things done for the party on Sunday. They all had so much fun and ended up being the only kids there. Mr. T opted out of this experience because he’d taken a spill on the ice yesterday and his wrist was still sore.

Sunday Kelvey and her husband ran in the Mad River Run. He ran the full marathon and she ran the half. Super proud of both of them!! Especially since the majority of their training consisted of walking up the steps of Machu Pichu. Also quite impressive.

Afterwards, they hosted a shindig at their place and invited friends and co-workers. Their nephews and our boys helped catch the pig that would later become the main course. Everyone was eager to catch it but not so keen on killing it. They also had a live band that provided delightful background music. Lots of people showed up and there was plenty to eat!

One of the up sides of this whole experience is that Mr. T and Mr. S started to come out of their shells when they hit it off with a niece and nephew of Kelvey’s. It was awesome! They spent hours together down at the creek or playing war with these really cool Nerf shotguns. (We need to find some for us before we leave).

Divagirl found tons of kids to play with as usual, but spent most of her time with Kelvey’s daughter, Adventure Girl. Although, they only ended up with one sleepover together since neither of them could keep quiet long enough for anyone to get any rest so they had to be separated. She spent the rest of the nights in our home.

The whole weekend was fantastic!

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