Black Racer: Caught!

This is our last day at the Bay Bayou, so the kids and I decided to visit the local pet store one last time before we leave. The bike ride there was chilly, and the cold head-wind was !@#%&!^ annoying, but we made it in about 20 minutes.

We were the only people in the store, so we were allowed to hold a bunch of critters: Mr. S held a ball python and a large bearded dragon, and Divagirl held a dainty and delicate chameleon – they’d all make great pets, we just don’t have any space to keep them!

After spending about half an hour visiting with the animals, we decided to head home. On the way, we stopped at the old board on the side of the road, where we originally found the black racer days before. This was the third attempt at capturing it, and Mr. S knew it would be his last chance.

He casually got off his bike, quitely walked up to the board and firmly planted himself in the middle. With a small heave, he lifted it up, and right away spotted the snake pacing along the back edge.

“Hold the board! Hold the board!”

he yelled, and I got off my bike and held it in place while he quickly dropped down and caught it by the tail. After gently working his hands up toward the snakes head, he stood up with a huge grin on his face.


He was pretty proud of himself, and it was pretty awesome to watch him make it happen. Add the black racer to the blind snake and the ring neck snake he caught the other day, and he’s found and held 3 snakes in the last 3 days — not bad for a budding herpetologist :)

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Congratulations, Mr. S. Persistence pays off. You may be the next great Steve Irwin (RIP). Hey, Divagirl, that chameleon has very funny feet but good for griping and climbing I’ll bet.

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