Boondocking in Damascus

We stopped for a few days to visit Jason’s sister Lisa and her family in Damascus Oregon, outside of Portland. It was perfect timing since we were able to celebrate our youngest niece’s third birthday! They live off the beaten path but had plenty of space in their yard so we boondocked with a little power cord run from the garage. Mainly we hung out in their house with them and just slept in Edelweiss.

Divagirl had so much fun with her cousins. Even though Cate had school during the day, that just gave Divagirl more time to get to know Sammie.

We learned a new game called Killer Bunnies. Its pretty complicated but very fun and Cate is awesome at it!

Jason had a bunch of work to do and the kids did their lessons. I was able to squeeze in one skating session at Lloyd Center (the mall) in Portland where I met some fellow adult skaters also going to Adult Nationals in San Francisco. Very cool! I’m not really keen on skating in malls. First off they are small rinks, secondly they smell like cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies which makes me hungry for stuff I shouldn’t eat, and third, I’m just not a mall person in general. But ice is ice, right?

Sunday was Sammie’s birthday party at a gymnastics facility. Her cake was ADORABLE! She really enjoyed herself, along with everyone else. Lisa really knows how to do a party. It was so fun to actually be able to attend. Usually we live so far away we miss all our nieces and nephews birthdays. Another bonus to this sort of lifestyle.

We packed up after the party and got a rather late start towards Bend to see Jason’s brother. We bought extra coolant and a new radiator cap to replace the cracked one.

Hoping for no more problems!

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