Busy Day in Sunny California

So much to do!

At noon, Mr. S and I went to Burlingame to watch his friend’s soccer game that she was goalie for. The game ended up tied. He has been emailing and video chatting with her since we left CA over a year ago, but they haven’t “seen” each other since.

Afterwards we went to Foster City where we used to live and met up with my friend, Elizabeth, and hung out and chatted and ate while our boys swam and tried desperately to gain gaming time. I miss having Elizabeth time more often! Mr S and her son are in the same grade and took hip hop together when we lived here.

In the evening we picked up the rest of the family and headed to Japantown to meet Rebecca and Jonathan for dinner. Yes, they were visiting from Seattle! We oggled cute things at Daiso, the Japanese dollar store, and caught up with our lives since last month. Funny how such a short time can yield such major changes!

I think most of the day was spent driving, lol.

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