California, Finally!

Our 6 hour trip turned into 10 hours which made for a really long day trip. We really didn’t want to stop though, so we just pressed on. I do not miss the traffic here. Absolute insanity.

We drove into Pacifica around dusk to find our site info waiting for us. We stayed at the Encore San Francisco RV Resort. Being a Thousand Trails member afforded us a small discount, but prices are so high in California that is almost didn’t make a difference. The resort is essentially a parking lot, and they discourage you from putting out your awnings (although there really isn’t any space between sites to do it if you wanted to). The upside is the proximity to the ocean, and we had a direct view from our window. It’s pretty windy in Pacifica, but the sunshine is awesome!

We initially had trouble finding a suitable place to stay in California, so we were thankful for the parking lot. In all honesty, it wasn’t bad. I was hoping to stay in Redwood City, which was more convenient in relation to the rink, so I could practice. But when we called, the owner was very rude and abrasive and told us that they only allowed 2006 model years and newer, and under no circumstances would he make an exception, never ever never.

Well then!

The other parks were either full or had age restrictions, were in unsavory areas or were limited to 28 foot long rigs. When we were initial making plans, our options weren’t looking good. But we finally found this one in Pacifica and took a chance because the first website said they were limited to 25′ long. But all was good and at first they told us we may have to move a few times but they could fit us in for the 15 days.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to move after check in, and the weather was beautiful the entire time!


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