Calling Cards Completed

I’ve been putting it off for a long time, simply because…I could!

Actually I told my wife I’d have them done by the time the Fulltime Families Rally rolled around, so I procrastinated accordingly, until this afternoon. With one day to go before the rally this week, they’re done.

Zing! I work well under pressure.

Yes, we’ve changed our names to Papa, Mama, Son, Son & Daughter and we were fortunate enough to grab the phone number 000.000.0000 :)


Instead of continuing to print my own, I’ve decided to go the MOO route, and order a run of 100 cards, printed front & back, for $30 from MOO – great service, great printing, and cheaper than it would cost me to refill my printer ink :)

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Hey Mark!

Basically…they’re for handing out to other families that you meet, so they have an easy way to remember names, and how to get in touch etc.

We’ll also write our site number on the back too, as a quick reference when we’re at one location for awhile.

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