Carpet No More


When we initially looked at Edelweiss, and looked over the carpet and the old wood floor in the kitchen, we knew we would want to replace it as soon as humanly possible. I personally didn’t realize how bad it was, in terms of how much dust and dirt it was harboring, until we made the 5-day trip from California to Florida. Every morning as we were about to depart on our trek, we’d open the door, and the musty smell would be completely overwhelming. You knew the air you were breathing was slowly punishing your lungs — I think a castle dungeon would have more appealing! Ok, that’s hyperbole. Not really. Maybe, a little. I’ve never been allergic to anything, but that carpet was the bane of my wellbeing the entire trip.

I can say we craved fresh air everytime we’d stop for gas or snacks or restroom breaks and every other reason to stop and pull over for a short inhalation of fresh air. Rolling down the windows wasn’t a long-term option, as we traveled during the winter months and it was freezing outside — our only source of heat was the warm engine air trickling through the vents, so we rationed our heat as best we could.

Suffice it to say, we had a great desire to replace the old flooring, and it was one of the first things to go when we started our remodel. The carpet covered everything except the area in the kitchen space, which was a well worn wood floor. After some debate, we decided to put down new wood flooring throughout the entire coach, but replaced the carpet up front under the seats and over the engine doghouses with some resilient, non-toxic, stinky-free, commercial-grade carpet.

We considered new wood EVERYWHERE, but it presented its own challenges and costs, so we settled for an 80/20 mix.

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