Central Carolina Classic

When we were planning our trip to North Carolina I checked out the nearby rinks and saw that one was having a USFS skating competition while we were planning on being there and that I had one day left to register. Done! It doesn’t usually work out so nicely. The skating calender runs from June 30th to June 30th, so this will be my last competition for the year. I’m hoping to be ready for the ISI Adult Nationals which are in October, being held in San Francisco this year.

I’ve never had any friends come to see me skate before so I was super excited to have my friend, Willow, from high school, who I hadn’t seen in 20 years, asked if she could come watch me skate. Yay!

After the events were posted I knew that I was the only skater in each of my events so I wasn’t nervous at all for the competition, to me it was just an exhibition. But I was excited to see my old friend!

We got to catch up before and during the competition, which was awesome! It was so great to see her. Divagirl loved her too (must be the years of teaching kindergarten) and they had fun taking Dr. Seuss photos of everyone. Afterwards Willow was able to head over to Raleigh to dance that night away with another friend she hadn’t seen in a while.

I was happy with my performances for the most part. The compulsory event was on freshly groomed ice (all week I’d been skating on very rough ice) so I slipped a little in my footwork, but there were no falls :)

This was the first event I’d been to that actually held an awards ceremony to receive your medal. Most places you just go to the awards table, tell them your name, and they hand you your medal(s). In USFS you don’t skate against the book, so I took home 2 first places medals.

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