Chilly Night in Montana

It was a pretty low-key travel day, and I was exhausted by the time night started rolling around, so we planned to boondock at the next convenient truck stop for the night.

We were able to find one that had plenty of open spots, and also allowed some room for the kids to stretch, run around, parkour and long board to quell their cabin fever :)

The following day was going to be our last push, as we planned on arriving in Idaho by late afternoon. I spent a better part of the evening getting some work done using the free WiFi at McDonald’s—yeah!—while Heather and the kids played around the back of the lot, away from any truck activity.

Aside from a cool night and the sound of truck generators firing up every 20 minutes, in was an uneventful night, and we were all excited to head out the following morning. I did wake up super early to sneak in a few hours of work, but once the sun was up, we grabbed breakfast and hit the road!

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