Chinese New Year

This is our 4th year celebrating Chinese New Year. Florida did not have much of anything in the way of parades or public celebrations which is quite a change from last year celebrating in San Francisco. They did have a few, barely publicized parties held several weeks before CNY, go figure.

So we held our own little CNY. We ordered Chinese take-out from the closest Chinese Restaurant to us, knowing full well that it was “Americanized” Chinese food (the maitre’d told us so) but at least I didn’t have to cook it. We did a few homeschool activities related to CNY and that was about it. Really low key this year but we do what we can to foster the Chinese heritage of our daughter.

This is the year of the Snake which is Mr. S’s birth year. The Snake Sign symbolizes the character traits of intelligence, gracefulness and materialism. There are also subtle, secretive, elusive, and mysterious elements surrounding the Snake’s personalities. Being a deep thinker, Snakes can make their decisions quickly and firmly. Snakes have a very strong “sixth sense”, for they heavily rely on their own feelings or their first impressions.

Not sure if all of these attributes apply to Mr. S, yet, but we do see some qualities manifesting themselves.

Gong Hey Fat Choy!


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