Collier-Seminole State Park

I guess I had this coming, but I finally found a Florida state park I don’t like. Collier-Seminole is between Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park, 20 miles or so south of Naples. We did not see a single mosquito in the Everglades. Now I know where they all were. I have a handful of bites but everyone else is plagued with them! And if the skeeters don’t get ya, the no seeums will. The worst part is that they found a way inside. We were so (rightly) paranoid that we hardly slept.

Strike two was no internet connectivity. Spotty one bar coverage on our cell phones, no wifi, nowhere close enough to bike to to get internet. Not good when your livelihood depends on it.

Strike three, no kids. Anywhere. And really nothing for them to do. The playground was a joke, a few rusty old swings and monkey bars. Divagirl can have fun anywhere and even caught her first lizard with the help of her big brother. Mr. S took to whittling sticks and catching snakes. He did catch a really pretty milk snake hatchling. Luckily we taught them the rhyme years ago: Red next to yellow will kill a fellow; red next to black is a friend of Jack.

Evidently they offered hard core backpacking and canoe tours through the wild marsh. Um, no thank you, too many mosquitoes (and gators, and panthers, and anacondas).

This place was too much like camping and I hate camping. They have water and electric hookups, no sewer as usual. Even though we paid for three nights we cut our losses and found a place in (civilization) Naples to stay for the last night.

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