Columbus Zoo With Friends

We spent the day with our long-time friends Doug and Stacey and their 2 kids. Jason used to work with Doug at Honda. We spent a few hours at the nation’s best zoo, per Wikipedia, enjoying the animal exhibits. We made sure to check out the favorites: the reptiles, kangaroos, elephants and aquarium.

Then we saw all the animals in-between those exhibits…

Divagirl and Sassygirl were the same age and cut from the same cloth so of course they had a fabulous time together. We went back to their place for a delicious BBQ and ended up spending the night. And for the first time, Divagirl didn’t need to be separated during her sleepover!


Another of Jason’s previous Honda co-workers showed up and the three of them were hilarious. It was as if We had such a great time that by the end of the night I think Jason was considering going back to work for Honda. Maybe just for a moment.

The antics that Doug and Jason together procured kept Stacey and I amused all evening. And because we couldn’t get enough of them, we stayed the next day too. We just had too much catching up to do :)


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