Curry Hammock

Let me just say I am really loving the FL State Parks!

Today we went to Sombrero Beach and then checked in early at Curry Hammock. It is a really small park with only 28 campsites, but they are perfectly groomed and well maintained.

And the park is beautiful!

Private beaches with actual sugar white sand, not finely crushed shells or rocks. The kids love it! The water is warm, Mr. T says its too warm, lol. The bathrooms are clean and the toilets are composting pit toilets (haven’t seen those since our CT days) which amuse the kids.

We found all sorts of interesting things on the beach: lizards, horseshoe crabs and several sizes of Portuguese Man O’War. Great teachable moments! Lots of science makes up for the lack of internet. Its about 80 degrees still and a tad humid so we retreat to the air-conditioned wonderfulness of Edelweiss to beat the heat.

The only drawbacks to state park campsites are no sewer hookups and usually no Wi-Fi.

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