Cute Little Beacon

After surviving a jam packed skating weekend, it was time to head towards Pennsylvania for my Grandma’s birthday next weekend. Its a long trip from Lake Placid to Pittsburgh so I planned some stops along the way. First up we stopped at our first KOA campground, which was very nice. Apparently its the closest KOA to NYC. The weather had still been intermittent storms so we didn’t explore much. Besides, we weren’t there to enjoy the stay, we were there to see my friend Shelly!

Shelly and her husband Steven live in a really adorable little town called Beacon, NY. We thoroughly enjoyed touring the town and hearing about its evolution. We even saw the original homestead house from 1709, surprisingly unassuming. The shops are very art-oriented and the windows contained some drool-worthy goods. The old electric blanket factory has each window painted over by a different artist, the effect is quite striking.

We had a delightful dinner at the local Thai restaurant and then had a great time catching up over cookies back at their place. Its been 10 years since I last saw her and it seems like last week!

Divagirl took a liking to her kitty, Sassy, and although he feigned friendship initially, he thought better of it later and did his best to tease her mercilessly! She did enjoy his boa cat toy.

Our visit was over too soon and tomorrow we move another leg closer to Pittsburgh. If you get a chance to check out Beacon, its worth it. There are some truly talented artists in residence, but get there early because the shops are closed by dinnertime :)


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I am so enjoying your blog and the photos of the reptiles were especially timely for me–Have been reading some of the So African books (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith) and conversations about snakes that” like the warmth of human bodies ” etc are pretty common= place ‘ You’re doing a wonderful job of parenting and I,m sure Betty would be proud of you all. Blessings and peace–Martha Preecs

We’re so glad you paid us and Beacon a visit! It was wonderful to catch up. I loved seeing how much the boys have grown up since our last visit, and we were thrilled to finally meet Divagirl! (Well, Steven and I were thrilled. Sassy was, well, he was sassy. :)

We’re looking forward to the next visit!

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