Cypress RV Resort

We arrived at Cypress on a Friday, with plans to visit LEGOLAND (I’m not yelling, that’s how it’s written) on the following Monday. We picked this resort as it was close to LEGOLAND, and it had favorable ratings for the amenities et al.

Unfortunately, we’re quickly learning that anything with “resort” in the name turns out to be a fairly restrictive affair for kids: kids can’t roam close to the site without an adult, they can’t explore anywhere off the site, they have to be accompanied by an adult to go anywhere (even take trash to a dumpster with a line of sight from Edelweiss) and other restrictions. On top of that, we didn’t see many (if any) families with kids.

We totally understand why the resort rules exist for those under 18, it was just a bummer to have our first 2 trips be so restrictive for the kids. They dealt with it, and we had great wifi access from where we were, so there was a trade-off. But despite the restrictions, everyone was excited for our LEGOLAND visit to roll around on Monday.

LEGOLAND Photos Here

We planned to ride our bikes to the park, a short 2 mile ride, but the road turned out to be a busy one without much of a bike lane – it was also raining on and off over the weekend, and we didn’t have rain gear, so we looked for alternatives. I was going to pay someone to drop us off and pick us up, but we eventually decided to unhook Edelweiss and just drive her to the park in all her space hogging glory.

The upside?

RV-specific parking, and an almost completely empty parking lot – woohoo! Once we arrived, we bought our super discounted tickets (seriously, road-schooling has its privileges – we were able to get all 5 of us into the park for less than the price of a normal ticket as we were considered a school group).

I could describe the fun times the kids had, and all the things they saw, but I’ll just let you look over the photos – we ended up spending about 5 hours roaming around the park, looking at just about everything, and being in awe at some of the LEGO structures. Very cool and geeky, if LEGOs are your thing – Mr. S, who is a fantastic builder, and someone who would love to be a Master Builder one of these days, was in awe at some of the structures – so much so that he became distraught that he’d never be able to achieve the same level of skill. After a little pep talk, he was back to being inspired :)

Mr. T and I went on a few of the roller-coaster rides while we were there, but we weren’t able to convince Mr. S to join us until the very last ride: the Dragon. He had to psyche himself up the entire time we were in line, but it was his choice, and we sat in the very front, right in the head of the beast. Then he closed his eyes for the entire ride, for every twist and turn and every drop, he just sat with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. When we entered the park, he adamantly said he wouldn’t be going on any coasters, none. I was proud of him for giving it a go.

In addition to LEGOLAND, we used our grill to make grilled pizza for the first time – it turned out great! If you like the taste of burning! The first pizza cooked SUPER fast – mainly because it caught on fire. After getting the temp under control, the second pizza turned out  super tasty. It’s a bit of a process because it cooks so fast, so you have to be ready with the ingredients and the flipping of the dough. But grilled pizza overall? A++++ would recommend again.

Oh, and Mr. S found a tiny, super fast, ring-neck snake. Awesome!


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