After passing through Maryland we arrived in Delaware; a new sticker to add to our state map. We ended up leaving a day late because the night before we were planning on leaving we noticed the brakes on our Saturn acting funny. We were able to take it in to a shop in Woodbridge and after many hours they fixed the brakes, a hydraulic leak and a tire that was beginning to bulge. By that time we would hit DC traffic if we tried to head out. DC traffic is not fun. So we opted to stay another night.

We got into Delaware early in the afternoon, set up and immediately hopped in the car down to our friend’s house. We met Greg and Jennifer in September 2008, when we were in China adopting Divagirl, as they we adopting an older girl who would become their eldest daughter. Wonderful people! It turns out they hadn’t maxed out their family size yet, as we had, because in the years to follow they ended up bringing home two little boys. We were very excited to see them again.

Divagirl hit it off immediately with their 2 youngest daughters and we hardly saw them at all until it was time to go to the pool. That gave Jennifer and I time to catch up :) After the boys got home from school, we took all the girls to the pool which gave us even MORE time to catch up.

At this point I should mention that the animal allergy we thought Divagirl had was not actually animal related. It was poison ivy. In Prince William Forest we were completely surrounded by it and she’d been gathering bouquets of it without our knowledge. What threw us was that it took nearly 5 days to manifest. This morning I took her to Urgent Care and they gave her a oral steroid prescription to help bring the swelling down. Anyway, her face is bright pink and puffy and we thought the pool water might help her feel better. She actually felt fine while she was playing. She was even brave enough to wear her goggles on that sensitive skin. Only when she stopped playing did it seem to bother her.

Poor baby.

We ate dinner together and afterward hung out with the older girls and Nathan while the little girls were downstairs watching a Barbie movie. Their other son had already gone to bed. Nathan was a hoot and took a fancy to Jason. Especially his hat! Between cuddling and throwing Bunny Foo Foo up onto the ceiling fan he’d wrestle Jason’s hat from him. Hehe, at first he was content to wear it but then it was more fun to throw it—and boy can he throw!

We can’t wait to spend some more time with them while we’re in Delaware.

Divagirl desperately wants a sleepover.

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