Devil’s Tower

We didn’t make much progress westward today but we did see some awesome natural wonders.

We’ve also been rocking our national passport stamps in the Rocky Mountain region!

Our westward trek on route 90 took us right past Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Well, technically 25 miles off I-90, but how could we miss it when we were so close? We’ve already made the most of our America the Beautiful pass.

So we braved the wild packs of bikers that seemed to emerge like bees from a hive. We also made lots of mashed potato reverences on the way :)

The tower was pretty amazing to look at, and the boys wanted desperately to climb it. After milling around the visitor center parking lot, and taking a bunch of photos, we decided to grab some food then plan our next destination for the night.

We called ahead to Green Tree’s Crazy Woman Campground—believe the name!—in Gillette, WY to make a reservation for the night. As a nice end to the day, we felt a small obligation to show the kids the movie classic: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

We only made it about 200 miles closer to Idaho today, which is about half of our usual daily distance

We’ll cover more ground tomorrow.

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