Durham, North Carolina

After driving all day we finally arrived in North Carolina, specifically Birchwood RV Park in Durham. This park is unique. The owner doesn’t take reservations and most of the clientele are older mobile homes and patients at Duke University Hospital. They come and they go and everything seems to be lacking a system, or rather, the system is in the owner’s head. Actually, there was some question about this place from our other fulltime RVing friends. Seems they pulled in, drove around, and pulled right out. It really doesn’t have the nicest first impression. Think “hill-billy”. We called yesterday and Pham, the owner told us he had a 50 amp full hook up site, but when we arrived he said he only had a water and electric site, oh and there aren’t any restrooms or showers. Too bad this is the ONLY place within 90 minutes.

Things got magically sorted out and we got the last full hookup site-and 50 amps. Its very…cozy. But after assessing the “neighbors” it looks perfectly fine. We met the neighbors on one side and they are super nice and gave us the scoop. Turns out they’ve been here for a while during their home construction. And they’ve left and come back. Guess that’s a good sign, right? We’re told the other neighbors are also great, but we haven’t met them yet.

The stories the neighbors told us made me laugh. When we arrived we saw a small herd of young children on bikes and a pack of very small dogs (like chihuahuas) running all over the place. Separately. So it wasn’t too surprising when they told us about the cat problem. Turns out there’s a clowder of free-range cats living here. We saw one fifth wheel that must have been cat headquarters due to the large number of lolling cats outside. (8 or was it 9?) Evidently there’s a (very nice) barefoot grizzly adams type man who periodically herds up the cats for neutering. He lives in two places, the connecting route being between our rig and the neighbor’s. Should be fun!

The owner, Pham, was quite talkative. Turns out he’s a Vietnam vet, and he fought for Vietnam. Allegedly on the trip over to the US he and his boatmates had to eat people. Reminds me of Life of Pi.

Tomorrow I hope to do laundry, but at a laundromat because, surprise, the minimal laundry here is kinda gross. At least this place is only a couple of miles from civilization and 3 major cities.

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