Ellenton Gardens Travel Resort

I have to be honest, this would not normally be on our first choice list for places to stay, but it had one very important thing going for it: Location!

It’s less than 2 miles to the Ellenton Ice Rink where my competition was held. So proximity wins out over…um…ambiance. The cutest part was that we lived on “Bouganvillea” Street. (Nope, not bougainvillea like one might think). Quarters were tight and interesting having us 3′-10′ apart interspersed with permanent mobile homes, travel trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheels and the like. Add all the cars when people come home from work and its sardine city. The upside? The people were super nice and friendly! There were no rules regarding kids and guess what, there were no problems either. There were clean laundry facilities and a nice looking pool that we didn’t use, as well as free Wi-Fi in the clubhouse. We were less than 2 miles to the Prime Outlets and 1.6 miles from Publix Supermarket.

Easiest biking yet!

Being able to bike means taking the roads less traveled and seeing things that many in a car would miss. One thing would be the eagle’s nest at the top of the pole near the entrance with eaglets screaming for food. Another would be the homeless community that lives in the woods near the Kmart in tents. And then the circle of life: witnessing a raccoon sniffing for food at dusk, the next day seeing him (or her?) hit by a car on the side of the road and later that day seeing it torn apart by 6 or so black vultures. Things that would be otherwise missed if you whooshed past in a car.

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