Exploring Durham

This week has been crazy! But in a great way. Jason was able to work out of his company’s office, which is about 20 minutes from here, and I’ve been skating every morning in preparation for my competition this Saturday.

The rink is 15-20 minutes away in a multi-sports facilitiy, much like a town rec center. The second best thing is that the freestyle sessions only cost $8.50 for 45 minutes — other places I’ve been to cost between $11 and $17 for a 45 min session! And the BEST thing about the facility here, is that I usually have the entire rink to myself for most of the session! Woohoo! I’ve had to share with 5 people at the most. This is bliss :)

Durham is a beautiful city, even during construction season. Surrounded by forests and dotted with New England architecture, the city used to produce tobacco and now is in the midst of a restoration period which leaves a lot of room for growth in empty converted warehouses.

There doesn’t appear to be such a thing as “rush hour” here, at least compared to California, Florida and the Pacific Northwest :) Medium-heavy traffic is rare. Bumper to bumper has yet to be seen.

We’ve also been exploring some of the dining establishments around Durham, usually around dinner time, after picking Jason up at the office. We’ve eaten at Bull City Burger & Brewery, Locopops which has unique flavored popsicles, I Love NY Pizza, Jason’s Deli (no relation, unforunately) and Chubby’s Tacos.

They’ve all been yummy!



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