Florida Still Has a Hold On Us

We’re in this “off the highway” little RV park, a quarter mile from the mechanic, called Casey Jones RV Park. There are mainly year-rounders here, but there is a large center section of grass with full hookups intended for transients like us. And really, it’s just us. Another fifth wheel pulled in when we did, but they’ve left already.

This is what the off-season looks like.

The people here are super nice, even if there isn’t much to do. It does allow for focused school days and work days. And attempted fixing of general maintenance items – aka leaks.

There are about 10 children, ages 3-7, that make up a herd of feral kids that run amuck after school until bedtime. Divagirl has been initiated into the pack. One little 5 year old girl flatly told us that her family does NOT move, ever.

We’re still waiting to hear from the glass guy. We can give him until Saturday then we really must head north. NC awaits! Meanwhile the weather has been sunny and pleasant and we’re one exit away from most major conveniences.

Now if the gross love-bugs will just go away…



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