Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch is one of the most well-preserved 19th century forts in the country, and is one of the first State Parks to be opened to the public. That’s all I’ve got, but it was a great place to visit!

We spent 3 days at the Amelia Beach campground, which is about a 5 minute bike ride from the fort itself, and about a 30 second walk to the beach – double awesome.

As a quick side note: when we first arrived, we were asked, for the first time ever, to exit our vehicle and enter the office to fill out our papers. It seemed very formal for a state park, when you have a reservation, and I had no idea what “papers” they were referring to.

In the end, all they did was confirm my information, then gave me the standard slip of paper to stick in my window and that was it. Normally, the transaction happens at the pull-up window of the ranger station when you drive in. On the day we left, the same thing happened in reverse. We had to exit the vehicle and enter the office to checkout…which meant showing them our slip of paper from when we arrived – which turned out to be our receipt, which they asked if we wanted to keep. Straaaaange!

The first day we visited Fort Clinch, and it was sunny and delightfully warm (yes, I just wrote that) and slightly overcast. We decided to bike instead of hike the trail along the beach, and it took us about 5 minutes…6 tops. The parking lot was half full of cars, but we only saw a handful of folks while we were there; we pretty much had free reign of the entire compound. We started at the entrance, and worked out way around the pentagonal shape, going in and out of building and tunnels until we arrived back at the entrance. After looking through all of the buildings, Divagirl and Mr. S wanted to move in! Mr. S is keen on living like a pioneer too…actually, he’d love to live like the Native Americans did. And Divagirl wants to reenact life like in Little House on the Prairie – they’re getting these ideas from the books they’re reading, seriously!

Note that there is a $2/person fee to enter the fort – we thought access was covered by our camping fees, but it’s separate. It’s a small price to visit a great landmark, and their small store was pretty packed with trinkets and nostalgic items galore. All replicas of course.

On the second day we spent time at the beach, catching up on some work (Verizon MiFi access was awesome, AT&T cell service, not so much). At the end of the day, I took Mr. S fishing as a nice bitter wind cut across the sound…it was cooooold. Although we didn’t catch any fish, we did catch a great sunset and awesome cloud formations.

Overall, our stay was pleasant though, aside from the punks who decided to play loud music until 1am. The weather was perfect for the most part, but gradually got colder each day we were there. It was hoodie and jeans weather by the time we left.

Quick Notes About the Campground

  • Most of the RV sites are huge…lots of space and plenty of room – hookups are close to each other too. Lots 45 and 46 are perfect size-wise and location-wise.
  • The dump station is only convenient when you enter the campground, as it’s on the left side of the road. As most hookups are on the left-hand side of an RV, you’ll be making a double loop to get out of the campground.
  • Facilities are clean and large, and they have washers and dryers outside on either side of the building.

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