Foster City Fun

The great thing about visiting places you used to live is that you are familiar with the area and have services established. Which meant that this was going to be a very busy time!

I was way overdue for my bloodwork labs, but since my doctor is in CA and the last time I had labs done I was in FL and it caused a major communication breakdown, so I decided to wait until CA. Best thing is that my doctor’s office now draws their own blood and the phlebotomist did an awesome job! No bruising or anything!

Divagirl was able to have two playdates with her friends. They were so excited to see each other! Speaking of schools, when we lived here the school was in portable classrooms that were kinda junky looking; since then they finished the new school and its huge and gorgeous, wow!

I also enrolled her in ballet at Peninsula Dance Academy again for the two weeks we’re in town. She loves this ballet school and dance is important to her so we made it a priority to attend these two classes a week.

Mr S rode his roller blades around town and watched his friend’s soccer practice at the nearby park. I always loved how safe Foster City was, the kids knew the area so well.

I skated at Belmont Iceland, in nearby Belmont. My programs looked pretty bad at first due to lack of practice, but I hope to pull them together by next week. I have a lesson scheduled for Thursday with my coach that got me started 2 years ago. Can’t wait!

When we got back home we walked to dinner at a British Pub called Camelot and had fish and chips. Done the right way with salt and malt vinegar, they were very tasty. Actually, this park in Pacifica is very walkable.

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