Full Circle: Our Return to Ohio


We went back, full circle, to where our little family started. We moved to Columbus after marriage back in 1996.

Jason worked as a Design Engineer for Honda R&D and I worked for an architectural firm downtown.

Mr T was born in Westerville, OH and we got to drive through the town. It hasn’t changed much; it is still as cute as ever. The areas where we used to live have grown tremendously! It was hard to recognize the area. Our first house had been repainted and the cul-de-sac still looked nice but the rest of the neighborhood really went downhill. Such a shame.

We were only in Columbus for about 3 years, but we made some lifelong friendships before we headed west.

Our drive from Hocking Hills was easy so we ended up being a little ahead of schedule. We got to the resort at 11am and they didn’t allow check-in until 2pm. So, now that Columbus has 5 new “Chiller” rinks located geographically around the city, I decided the best way to kill time was by skating. The facility of The Chiller-North was clean and beautiful with mezzanine observation rooms and free WiFi. That allowed Jason to get some work done and the kids to get some school lessons completed. Too bad the only session was a busy public session with lots of little hockey munchkins who played keep away with each other’s gloves.

But it only cost me $4!

The park we stayed at was called Cross Creek RV Resort and it was a fantastic park; very kid-friendly. We saw our first ever Barth since being on the road. Her owner was in town for the Dublin Irish Festival that weekend. She was smaller than our rig but nearly the same colors outside. We didn’t get a photo of her because we were so busy that day and then they left after the festival. She was definitely a 1978 vintage!

In the evening we went to dinner with our friend Sue, who we met when Jason was working at Honda. Her youngest 2 kids are a couple months older and younger than Mr. T and played together when they were a year or so old. We haven’t seen her in about 14 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long!


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