Full Circle

We had been spending a considerable amount of time in Redwood City, both seeing my friend and taking the car to a mechanic’s shop. It also seems that the more time you spend out and about the more you eat out. We hit some yummy restaurants during our stay; specifically pancake houses and sushi, haha :)

It was so great to catch up with my friend too; we used to compete in Pony Club together in high school.

We moved on from Pacifica to Morgan Hill, a Thousand Trails park south of San José, to recoup some costs.

I’m not crazy about this park. It has power and water hookups but no sewer sites, the bathrooms are poor and they have very full sharps containers within. Also not crazy about the clientele. The property is huge and sprawling but not convenient to anything. Probably the worst TT we’ve been to yet.

During our stay, we had to take Edelweiss into our mechanic in San José, and he ended up needing to keep it overnight. Homeless once again :(

Divagirl did get the opportunity for another playdate with her friend from ballet. They ran around at Safari Run for over an hour and had a great time!

Being in Morgan Hill, we actually came full circle since we bought Edelweiss back in November of 2011. The home of the previous owners lives about 10 minutes from the park :)

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