Fulltime Families Rally – Day One

Today we gained several new families both late last night and very early this morning. More names to learn! I am doing pretty well with the ones I’ve learned so far. One family has 10 kids with them and I’ve managed to remember about 75% of them, that’s pretty good for me.

We all checked in around 1:30 and my job was to write up name tags for everyone. Perfect, more practice.

There are so many families here, its fantastic!

After the welcome, the kids made little autograph books so they can keep in touch with their new friends. Then later, they tye-dyed t-shirts. The weather was gorgeous today, too.

In the evening we had a pizza-party-pot-luck dinner with everyone and afterwards a USA trivia game.

It’s so much fun to meet other families who share the same lifestyle as we do, and even more great to see so many kids, of all ages, running around and enjoying themselves. We were even able to coax our shy boys into activities where they made friends and had fun too.

Tomorrow…kickball! Teens vs. everyone. Bring it on.

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