Fulltime Families Rally – Day Three

Ever since we started traveling, our schedule has gradually shifted to being more relaxed. I used to wake around 5a, I’d work until around 6p, then stay up until 11p’ish, and then repeat the next day.

Now we (the adults) find ourselves going to bed a little later, and waking a little later. Lately, we’ve been waking around 9a, and we’ll be ready for the day around 10a — woohoo!

This morning, the first event of the day was a casual presentation/breakfast, at 10:30a about boondocking with Marianne Edwards and her husband Randy. They’re the operators of and the creators of the RV bookdocking travel guides. Overall, it was interesting stuff, and we’ve added boondocking to our list of to-dos for this year.

After the presentation, we organized into groups — men in one, women in the other — and participated in a Parade of Homes, as we went from one rig to the next, seeing what people have done to modify their home on wheels. It was great to see the floor plans of various homes, and see the little tweaks and additions that people have made to make them more accommodating — or how much I’m totally missing out on SPACE! :)

When it was time to tour Edelweiss, I gave a quick overview of the updates we’ve made, then had everyone walk through and ask questions after — we don’t have the room to have a big group of people inside at once, but it worked out fine.

At the end of the day, we had a great talent show, which had lots of participation, especially from the kids. It was great to see them up their doing their own things, and having fun. There were a few great instrumental pieces, some singing events (one song was even done using sign language, which was excellent) and Divagirl even did a little solo-act, performing her cart-wheels, including her favorite one-handed ones, over and over and over…and over and over again. I don’t think she was dizzy once, though.

Lots of fun, lots of families, lots of awesome.

To end the night, we had a lasagna-pot-luck-social-dinner-event-party-get-together, with a fun game of Let’s Make a Deal thrown in. There were some cool prizes up for grabs, with Mr. T taking home a cool book (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not) – Copperdog was called to participate 5 minutes after leaving for the night (she was tired) and a few others also juuuuust missing out for the same reason.

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