Fulltime Families Rally – Day Two

Today started out with a bunch of folks who just can’t get enough of their apps :)  We brought our breakfast and sat around sharing our favorite apps for learning, entertainment and anything else noteworthy.

Afterwards, we went for a bike ride to explore the rest of the park. It was still pretty empty, however, they were starting to set up for a Disc Golf Tournament this weekend — and at the boys behest, we stopped by the General Store to pick up some hot dog buns for fish bait.

In the main field was a kickball game, teens against everyone else. Even with the shortage of teens, they still won. Divagirl participated in that (actually she participated in nearly everything!) but the rest of us laid low for a while. The boys went fishing again and again but came home empty handed every time. They had better luck using a stick, gum wrapper and a hook than they have with an actual fishing pole, bait and tackle :)

Then the ladies gathered to compare homeschool curriculums and have a swap meet of sorts. I scored the next Little House book for Divagirl. It was interesting to hear what everyone used; quite the variety.

Simultaneously, the girls had beauty makeovers and face painting – they were all in some serious stage makeup!

We are perpetually wiped out!
So many activities, but loving every minute of it.

Later in the day some of the men — including Designerd! — got together to play disc golf while the women continued to chat.

Dinner was BYO steak that we took turns grilling. After that was a teen bonfire while the younger kids watched The Shaggy Dog and the grownups had, ahem, margaritas and chatted.

I ended the night by finishing Season 3 of Downton Abbey thanks to a loan from a friend.

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