Gray Water In the Hizzzouse!

It was bound to happen, right?

We had our first mishap of our travels: our gray tank overflowed into the tub. Wunderbar!

Apparently the sensors aren’t working on the tank — although they were before we left — so we’ll have to keep the pipe open while we’re here, and I’ll plan on troubleshooting the electrical…at some point.

It’s hard to believe we didn’t notice it…well, not really. The tub was being used as temporary storage, and it wasn’t until Copperdog went to get something FROM the tub that she noticed everything floating. We (read: mostly she) spent the next hour cleaning, scrubbing, mopping up and throwing things away, but everything is operating normally.

I’m soooo glad it didn’t spill over onto the new floor and down the hall…that would have been a mess.

And yes, the tub is back to being a temporary storage space :)

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