Gulf Shores, AL

We love it when our friends stalk us because they hook us up with places to stay along the way. Two families we met at the rally, the Travaglino’s and the Burrell’s, were already in Alabama when they found out we were headed their way, so we changed course from Mobile to Gulf Shores. The park is called Luxury RV Resort, which is a pretty misleading name for essentially a spacious parking lot. The location cannot be beat, though. Very close to all sorts of restaurants and shops and walking distance to the beach. So as far as proximity goes, its a 10. For ambiance, its about a 3. There are 2 rather large alligators and a wild boar that frequent the property, but we have yet to see them.

It was fantastic hanging out and catching up with our friends, and even though Divagirl’s friend, Emma, was sick when we arrived, her other friend, Tonia, was healthy and ready to play!

We had dinner Friday night with the Burrell’s at Lulu’s, which is owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister and we all had a Cheeseburger in Paradise (mine was gluten free). It had a really fun vibe and a live band. Of course the weather changed the day after we got here and we experienced a 40 degree temperature drop and thunderstorms. However, after dinner we went outside after the rain and were greeted with an amazingly vibrant double rainbow! We also were faced with a car that would not go into gear, but that’s another story.

Afterwards we met up with Mann’s for ice cream at DQ. It was a surprise visit and I did my unintentional best to foil the surprise.

Oh well, the kids were still in shock.

We wish we had more time to spend with everyone, but I’m sure we’ll cross paths again in the future. At least we know we’ll see the Burrell’s when we pass through Maine in a couple months.

The girls were so sad to have to part ways. Divagirl and Tonia especially! They have already adopted each other as sisters. Many tears were shed by Divagirl as they were driving away. :(

After they left we hung out at the beach for an hour or so, where the sand was like sugar, watching the skim boarders and waves roll in. The weather was cool but the sun was hot–a pretty nice combination for a day at the beach.



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