Helloooooo Seattle!

Having bad memories of schlepping on chains in the middle of a blizzard in July made me dread going through the pass to the west side of the state. The summer had been so warm this year that we actually had the opposite problem, it was 97 degrees and our radiator overheated. Fantastic. And we hadn’t even gotten to the pass yet. Thankfully it wasn’t a really big deal, just a little scary with green overheated liquid spraying and dripping and some wild seal-type howling noises. After a few phone calls and a refill of coolant, we were on our way again. The trip through the actual pass was uneventful.

We stayed at a parking lot RV Park in Issaquah because of its convenience to areas we knew. It was right off the highway and by far the loudest park (road traffic) we’ve ever been to.

My friend and former co-worker, Rebecca, had her birthday this week and I was pleased to be able to spend several days with her. We spent Monday at Olympus Day Spa with several other girlfriends. Wednesday, Jason and I managed to score eye exams (its been over 6 years for me!) at an awesome office in Kirkland, called Eyedentity. One of Rebecca’s friends, Maayan, is the optician there and she is awesome! Best experience at the eye doctor, ever!! Jason was able to get a really stylish pair of glasses and more contacts and I was able to update my progressives and get a new pair of prescription sunglasses. Afterward, Rebecca did my nails in BioSculpture, a gel nail polish, and she did them in a Wedgewood Botanical themed art. We have a bit of history with the Wedgewood pattern when we made some rockin’ Hanukkah cookies together several years ago. They were amazing.

We spread ourselves a little thin for the week long stay, but we still managed to catch dinner with our friend Miranda and her daughter, Mea.

I checked the web cams for Mount Rainier one morning and you could see it clearly, so we hopped in the car and trekked down 2 hours to get a closer look. Well, the storm clouds beat us to it and by the time we got close enough to throw a rock at it, it was still invisible. Bummer. We never did get to see it up close when we lived here either.

Jason got to meet up with some of his friends and former co-workers for coffees and lunches. He also got to work at some spacious local Starbucks establishments.

On Saturday we went to Rebecca’s Birthday Tea Party and the kids spent the day with Uncle Mark and Mea watching her soccer game and climbing trees. Uncle Mark built a really amazing treehouse nicknamed the Squirrel’s Nest-and they live in it! He’s working on another in Costa Rica.

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