Highlands Hammock

Highlands Hammock State Park is right in the middle of Florida so it made a good stopping point on the way down to the keys. Of course we missed a couple of turn offs getting here so it took considerably longer than it ought to have. We got in after dark. For future reference, if you call ahead (the ranger stations close at sunset) they will give you directions to your site and the gate code to get in over the phone. We were about 45 min after dark so we couldn’t check in but there was still a ranger there to help direct us. We just had to stop by in the morning between 8 and 10am to check in.

There were kids everywhere! Biking, shouting, playing…it was fantastic. There was also free wifi. With a solid signal! An unexpected perk as we were led to believe there wouldn’t be wifi at state parks.

The next morning we went exploring on bikes and on foot. We found some interesting bones and vegetation on one trail; Mr. S caught lots of lizards everywhere; we toured a state park museum that chronicled how the park came to be; and found a fabulous playground where Divagirl made several new friends.

I wish we were staying here longer. This is a great park and definitely one to return to.

Photos by Mr. S

(if he couldn’t catch the critter, he took its picture)

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