Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park ranks high on my favorite places list. We were last here for our first wedding anniversary and the area is just as beautiful, albeit a bit more civilized. Let’s just say it has the nicest Walmart I’ve ever set foot in.

We stayed at the KOA nearby, who made us stay a minimum of 3 nights in order to get full hookups, which was a first—crazy. The park was excellent though, so it wasn’t a hardship.

We did hit some undesirable weather on the first day, so we sat home and started school for the year. The kids were thrilled! Ok, not really. The next day was perfect though, so we set out to explore!

First destination was Cedar Falls.

Evidently it was a dry spell because the “falls” were more of a trickle at best. It was, however, the BEST place for the kids. We only encountered one other family so the kids could run and climb and explore unhindered.

Next up was Ash Cave.

A little more populated, but still secluded. The path up to the cave was newly paved and handicap accessible. There was a group of special-needs adults walking up to the cave thoroughly enjoying their surroundings—it was really sweet.

Lastly we went to Old Man’s Cave.

And so did the rest of the state of Ohio! Hmph. It has become much more popular in the last 17 years. Two giant welcome centers had been built with “stay on the path” sidewalks. Very commercialized. Which is too bad, because the crowds make it difficult to enjoy the wonderfulness of the surroundings. As I was coaxing the kids into a picture they royally annoyed some ground bees and one stung Mr. S’s ankle. So much for exploring further :)

We headed back up to the visitor’s center for some ice and then headed home.


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