Priest River, Idaho

Once again, we’ve been so busy living life, we haven’t found time to write about it :) We do have a bunch of posts lined up, so prepare for a small barrage as we play catch-up!

After a 5-day trek, we made it to Idaho!

Jason’s sister and her family were visiting from Oregon when we arrived, so we lucked out and got to see them too before they left. Divagirl and her cousins were able to have fun together, at least for a couple days.

We planned to visit Jason’s parents for 3 weeks, which provided some nice downtime for everyone. We were able to park Edelweiss on their property, and have water and electrical hookups, although we spent most of our time inside their house playing games, doing school work and just plain relaxing. The kids loved spending time at Nana and Grandpa’s house :)

For me, I spent as much time as I could catching up on my ice-skating training. This was the first time, in too long a time, that I’ve been near a rink. It turned out that the closest rink, an hour away, was in the middle of hockey camps so ice-time was severely reduced. Therefore, I was left with the college rink at Eastern Washington University (EWU), in Cheney, Washington, which was two…hours…away. But hey, that was my trek to Tampa when we were in Florida, so no worries! Heh.

The upside was that the public sessions ran Monday-Friday from 12-4 and very few people were on the ice. I just hated the 4 hours of driving. It exhausted me. But in the end, I was able to find the time to complete my new competition dress and finalized my routine, so I’m feeling good about my event in October!

With all the driving back and forth through Spokane we were able to catch up with some friends on occasion…but that’s another post ;)

We filled most of our days chilling out in the warm weather, playing games and watching movies. The boys practiced driving the various vehicles available to them. Mr T practiced his marksmanship with his new air rifle; hopefully in the near future we can get him on a youth rifle team. Jason was able to get a few repairs done while we were there, and we were also able to get our replacement bike rack installed before we left. Right before we left. Everything was set to go the morning we were departing, but Jason forgot that we had to drill an extra hole to secure the rack to our hitch, so we were scrambling around trying to find the right bits to make the hole.

In the end it worked out fine, and we set off for a week in Seattle.

Thanks for everything Grandpa and Nana, we’ll visit again soon!


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