Independence Day in Vermont

We made it to our friend’s house in Vermont despite the rain and flash flood warnings.

We were partially boondocking on their farm; we had a standard 15 amp circuit and access to the house for water and bathrooms. It was mighty hot and humid in Vermont, but we had just enough power to keep the A/C running, which afforded us a nice place to sleep and relax when we needed some downtime :)

Our friends had just returned from vacationing in Peru the day before we arrived, so we did our best to not impose or be underfoot while we stayed.

Jason has known Kelvey from when they both lived in New Zealand when they were 14. She’s now an emergency room doctor at a local hospital, which is pretty awesome! With that said, she also works many overnight shifts and the day we arrived was one of them.

For the nights festivities, we went with Kelvey’s husband and his relatives, who also descended upon them around the same time we did, over to a back road to watch the fireworks over at Stowe. We were pretty far away so the show wasn’t spectacular, but the little kids LOVED it!

There were lots of ooohs! and aaaahs! for the color bursts.

That’s all that really counts :)

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