ISI Adult Championships

Here is the culmination of the hard work of the last few months.

ISI Adult National Championships at Yerba Buena Skating Rink in San Francisco, California. I only entered 2 events, but some others I met entered up to 19 events! WHOA. My family was there to support me and watch me skate. I also got to see some friends from Florida that I used to skate with in Tampa. The whole event was pretty low-key, not like USFS competitions at all.

It was a three day competition, but thankfully both of my events were on Saturday. My first event was Artistic Freestyle 3 (Ages 37-49) with 5 entries. I skated to Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. This was the first time I’ve competed this program.

I was so excited that my friend, Grant, was able to come watch me skate! After my first event we all walked down to the mall to grab a bite to eat.

My second event, after lunch, was Open Freestyle Bronze (Ages 40-48) with 4 entries. It was right after a fresh ice cut and this may sound obvious, but the ice was so SLICK! My blades weren’t nearly sharp enough to hold my edges but I managed to muddle through my routine. As usual, it felt worse than it looked; my music is from the movie Amelie — Comptine d’Un Autre Été.

I was thrilled and stunned to find out that I placed first in both events!

Apparently my hard work and training had paid off :)

This is the last planned competition this year. My next major competition isn’t until USFS Adult Sectionals in March 2014. Now I get to take a well deserved break :)

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Wow this looks like fun! I just somehow found your blog while looking for camping ideas lol I didn’t know they have adult competitions like this, makes me want to get back into ice skating (4 kids later lol)

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