Kanona Boondocking

Jason drove straight through from NJ to Kanona, NY. Due to a navigational error on my part, we ended up on PA rt 487 which was a really bad place to be with a motorhome! Anyone see the movie RV with Robin Williams? Well that seemed to be how our day was going.

It started poorly with a black tank dumping malfunction that resulted in several trash bags and a shower…Jason prefers not to talk about it. Ever again.

Then during our travels we headed up to a 2500′ elevation in Pennsylvania, which had us slow down to barely a crawl on one specific inclined road. I tried really hard not to panic, but I’d be lying if thoughts of us rolling backward weren’t passing through my head! After some shifting magic we managed to eventually get up the hill at a top speed of 3 mph.

Once in NY again we could relax, as these were my old stomping grounds. Put Siri away, I know the roads back. Except 17 is now 86…whatever.

Back in my day the Kanona truck stop was an out-of-the-way dusty place with a restaurant called Smokeys. Its still there, but now it’s kept company by a really big, really nice Pilot station across the street. Yeah, we stayed at the Pilot :)

We found a spot in the back to claim as our own for the night. By nightfall the place was nearly full.

My friend, Angela, from high school at Prattsburg, brought her lovely family down to meet us. I haven’t seen her since graduation!

We didn’t have any trouble, but it was inconvenient to have to trek across the parking lots for bathrooms. The boys took advantage of the parking lot expanse to play on the longboard.

On our way out we weighed Edelweiss. It was $10 to use the CAT scale – our total weight, minus me, was 18,367 lbs. The front axel was 11820 lbs. and the back axel was 6680 lbs. which was just about on par with Edelweiss’ specifications. Woohoo!

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