Layover in Plattekill

We were excited to see our friends in Vermont but having just done the drive from Lake Placid to PA we were not excited to retrace our route. We split the trip into two parts and stayed at the same KOA in Plattekill that we did last week when we visited Beacon. This time we stayed two nights.

The KOA was pretty full, probably since Independence Day was later that week and school’s out for the summer.

I was delighted to find an ice rink in Newburgh, NY only 10 miles from us and even more excited to find out there was a freestyle session I could attend. Score!

We did some laundry and then I went skating.

The ice rink had the best ice I think I’ve EVER skated on. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve skated at a lot of rinks. I met so many nice people and even though there were at least 12 skaters on the session everyone was very respectful. I had a really great skate and got to practice some of the skills I learned at Lake Placid.

Tomorrow we push forward to Vermont!

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