Learning to Ride a Bike

We decided not to travel with a toad (car towed behind) so we are relying on our bikes for transportation. Therefore we needed to do a little maintenance on the bikes and shift things around a bit. Designerd had been using my mountain bike because it was just too uncomfortable for me, Mr. T had outgrown his bike (the nerve of teenagers!) and moved up to an extra Grandpa had. Mr. S got Mr. T’s old bike and Divagirl got Mr. S’s old bike and she also still uses the Trail-a-bike off Designerd’s bike. I got a new bike more suited to errand-running complete with a multitude of baskets. I love it. After taking the bikes to a bike shop for a few minor repairs, all the kids washed their bikes.

Then it was time for Divagirl’s lessons. Trouble with living in the boonies is the lack of paved roads. So she learned to bike in the Dressage field. And I might say she did a bang up job. Now she only needs to master starting and stopping and she can graduate from the Trail-a-Bike.

And yes, this was made as a taboo vertical video – the videographer has learned her, ahem, lesson :)

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