Lessons al Fresco

It was so gloriously wonderful outside today we just HAD to do our lessons on the patio. We reviewed our presidents 1-15 and learned 16-20. Is it weird that I have a crush on Franklin Pierce??

Then we moved on to our Spelling lesson and worked on spelling with the short ‘a’ and short ‘i’ sounds. She’s getting really good at segmenting words into sounds.

Next came handwriting. She wrote 4 new letters for the first time today: h, k, f and qu. We learn them as phonograms so ‘qu’ is the team we learn instead of ‘q’ since its very rarely used on it’s own in English.

Finally, we finished lesson 11 in her Reading Lesson. I can’t say enough praise about this book. It breaks new concepts down into manageable increments and uses temporary hints to help decipher different sounds. After you’ve had enough exposure to the new concepts the hints slowly disappear. Time to read aloud together. Snack time is over and my computer time has expired, lol.

I hope you are having blissful weather wherever you may be.

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Well, I am currently in Florida. Which blissful isn't the word I would use, sizzle maybe, blissful no! lol ;) How hot is it? Well, let's just say high 80's and 90's are what I am seeing, but 100's are what I am feeling!
In case you are wondering, yes! We are also a roadschooling family. Love it! Of course I don't have to tell you that I am sure lol :) I have also been working with spelling today with my lil one. You should check out, So cool and Free!!!! Makes life easier kwim
Anyways, glad I found your blog :)

Yes, I'm trying to absorb the heat without the humidity while I can since we'll be headed to sweltering FL soon. I have seen SpellingCity, its a great site; my middle has used it for school back in WA. Oddly, they don't do spelling in CA.
I'm so glad you stopped by! Maybe we'll run into each other someday :)

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