Let the Adventure Begin

After 2 straight days of intense packing and multiple mishaps, we are on our way! The 17′ U-haul is packed with a little room to spare. This is the smallest Uhaul we’ve ever used. Designerd says it will be like driving a sports car,  I’m not sure I’d go that far. We’re towing our car behind and Mr. S and I will also be riding in the cab.

Time to load the car onto the transport. One of our neighbors who we’d never met before popped by out of curiosity and stayed to help out. Perfect timing because I couldn’t even watch as Designerd tried to line up the wheels and not drive over the edge.  Too much stress!

The real reason he stopped by was to complement us on our ingenuity for placing an extension ladder and sawhorses in front of the car trailer because our neighbors kept parking very close to either end of it.

Thanks to all our friends who kept our kids occupied and stopped by for moral support during this transition! We’ll miss you!!

Adios Foster City!

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