Let the Simplifying Begin!

The countdown has begun. All the friends and relatives who planned to visit us have come and gone. Which leaves us 3 months to sort through our belongings and sell, donate or store what we don’t want to bring on the RV with us. Emphasis on the sell or donate portions. I have stealthily been pulling things from here or there and sold some things on craigslist, had one garage sale and donated what didn’t sell. But there is so much more to go.

Some time ago I taped little labels on the big furniture that said “SELL”, “KEEP” or “RV”. Unfortunately, the pieces that are labeled to sell are used everyday (hint: Sofa sectional, dining room chairs, computer desk) so I won’t be able to sell them until June. :(

So I’m back to stealth packing. That’s when you remove things from the house that nobody ever knew were there to begin with. LOL I just get so excited that I overdo it one day and then burn myself out for the rest of the week. Must learn to pace myself.

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