Little Girl Land

Divagirl started asking for an American Girl doll around Thanksgiving last year when she landed her hands on a catalog. Thankfully, she’s easily distracted and she forgot about it by Christmas. But then she visited with a friend who had one and was reminded ever since. So I promised her that we’d take a birthday trip to the AG store near her birthday.

A friend of mine from Hilton has a daughter who outgrew her AG dolls and very generously offered to give them to Divagirl! Because we didn’t have a place to receive packages she sent them to my aunt’s house to await our arrival.

We went to my aunt’s house today and Divagirl got to open the big box that was waiting for her. Divagirl was thrilled to see the dolls inside. They are really well taken care of and even included a note from the previous caretaker, Sidney, asking Divagirl to take good care of them and love them a lot! It was so sweet. My aunt, Divagirl and I left the boys working and playing xbox and we headed to the mall to the famed American Girl Store.

So with her two new companions and some birthday cash in hand, we were off for a trip to little girl land!

The experience was amazing! It was two floors of pink sensory overload!

I had read that sometimes there can be a 2 hour wait for the “salon” so we scooted downstairs right away to sign up for ear piercing…for the doll. There was no wait so we got it done right away. It was so cute how they asked if Divagirl had prepared her doll for what would happen, made sure the doll wasn’t nervous and so on. Afterwards they even said not to change the earrings for 24 hours. For real!

We let her explore and just followed her around, sometimes holding her dolls so she could get a better look at something. She ended up getting a skating outfit for her “Mia, the skater” doll (a birthday gift from her great-aunt), Molly’s lunchbox with lunch inside, Kit’s schoolbag with school supplies and a hairbrush (which works wonders!). I think she could have wandered all day, but we kept going in circles–it all looked the same after a while.

I have to say, American Girl has got the marketing down pat. They have all the doll’s needs covered. Cars, pets, furniture, matching outfits, hair styling, ear piercing, facials, books. You can even buy your doll her very own doll in miniature. Wow.

Returning to my aunt’s house, we chilled out watching Disney movies.

A thoroughly delightful, exhausting day.


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